Seventeen-Cosmo-Redbook-Parenting to Better Homes and Gardens??

Well suffice to say, it’s happened. I can’t even imagine my life without being a wife and mommy. Yesterday, I got my first copy of Better Homes and Gardens and for some reason it hit me as I sat browsing the recipes and asking Jer if this or that sounded good, that this was weird but normal.

Make sense?

It’s weird that my magazine choices have changed so drastically. It even feels weird as I browse an article on How to decorate with what you love instead of lets say how to where hotpants with sweaters or some other mindless beauty and fashion gargle. You start noticing that whether it’s clothes, makeup, kid’s rooms, or landscaping it’s all the same. Layering.

Anyway, domestication kind of creeps up on you. Magazines, clothing choice changes, a sudden interest in curtain fabrics, cooking and who can forget, baking.

I might have been on a baking kick since about 12 or 13 weeks pregnant.

It might have been induced by my new kitchen aid mixer.

I might be in love with said mixer.

It might just possibly be the best gift my mom ever got me (besides jewelery – we all know how much I love gold).

Anyway, these mixers are amazing. No really. It makes you want to mix things and make things and turn the little lever and watch it whir into action.

I’m a little disgusted with myself that I have actually gotten so excited about this. An appliance, a housewife’s trophy item, a domestication tool and yes I’m saying that with venomous contempt in my voice.

However, change is in the air and though I doubt I will ever be making my own homemade pasta noodles (ahem ahem Noelle), I am enjoying trying out new recipes with ease.

My husband on the other hand wants it to stop.

We’ve gone through brownies that sucked, chocolate chip pecan cookies that were decent, carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting that were yummy, lemon squares that needed half the zest in the icing, and more.

The major problem is that Billy isn’t over for dinner like he used to be at the old house, and I can’t get rid of this stuff fast enough. I usually eat the goodies the first day, then call it quits while begging Jeremiah to finish it for the next few days to a week so I can try making something else. I really am trying not to gain as much weight as I did with my last pregnancy, especially starting 10 pounds up, so I feel Jer has to do his part and eat. Nyom Nyom Nyom. lol.

Anyway the last thing I made was amazing, delicious, and so so good, hence I’ll share.

Caramel Butter Bars!

I got the recipe from pinterest, which I just started using (so many recipes!).

The detailed recipe can be found here. I did not salt my caramel and used 90% of the butter it called for. I think it was still too much butter. Next time I’m just going to use 70% and yes, there will be a next time.

This recipe is awesome, easy, and such a wonderful treat.

I also got the recipe for cheesecake factory’s original cheesecake for Jer’s birthday here. Any of you cheesecake factory lovers? A favorite type? I like to try different flavors there but Jeremiah always gets the original and it is always so yummy. My cheesecake turned out pretty good and though it “tasted” the same, it wasn’t even close because of the consistency or thickness or lightness or whatever you call it. Mine came out very dense and rich, but there’s is so light and airy. I’m not sure what I did wrong, but any suggestions are welcome. It was still really really good, easily restaurant style yumminess. If any of you try it, we preferred the non nutty crust – heads up.

Now we don’t let Nathan have any of all this sugar and cream dense food, but he is starting to diversify his tastes a little bit. He’ll eat the plain sweet potatoes, avocado, fruits, etc, but there is such a difference if we give him the healthy stuff from our own plates. Even little babies like a little spice and flavor. This pic is where he was gobbling up a vegan quinoa and sweet potatoe chili. He especially loved the quinoa, which obviously makes me happy, since it is so healthy. This reminds me, I’m going highchair shopping this week. The bumbo we’ve been using is just not going to cut it long term for him.

This domestication thing isn’t as horrible as I once imagined it to be. The boss is tiny, cute, and very very needy. Your on call 24 hours a day and barely ever leave the office, but the job is always changing and you even get nap time!

For now, I’ll take it, with a smile too.

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5 Responses to Seventeen-Cosmo-Redbook-Parenting to Better Homes and Gardens??

  1. Mary S says:

    Ohhhh – you’re in trouble! KitchenAid Mixer + pinterest? Yeah, I predict fewer blog posts! :P Feel free to send samples my way too. :)

    BTW – I LOVE my mixer too. I just wish my MIL would let me spend more time in the kitchen! Grrr!

    • betcyw says:

      I feel like there is a story behind this. Your mil doesn’t let you in the kitchen??? haha Anyway, I may have to stop soon especially if I start to notice the preggo pounds adding up faster then they should.

  2. all I ever make is banana cake, banana bread, banana cupcakes…and now it is the time of year for pumpkin spice bread and all that yumminess! ahhhhhh…anyhow we didn’t get a high chair we use this and it’s great,

    The bumbo was short lived!

    • betcyw says:

      It’s always so weird to think about pumpkin spice anything here in florida before …. Dec! Sept. is freakin hot, as I imagine cali is as well, but mhmmm. I just hold out for starbucks creme brulee lattes and then I know the season for all that yumminess has started.
      I was pretty gung ho on a spacesaver chair like that prior but we’ve decided to go with a full one to use long term, a multiple child use item hopefully.

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