Tasha’s Bridal Shower

The chick is getting married Oct 24 and here I am making a post about her long gone – 2 months ago bridal shower. The thing is, it was a cute set up, so share I will.

People take forever to get married these days. So much planning and work involved. That would not have worked for me, but then again I couldn’t live with Jeremiah before marriage. Maybe if I did or could, I would have been able to have a 1-2 year engagement. On the other hand, knowing myself I need the commitment of marriage or I’d have been saying, ‘See Ya’!

Those first few months were rough. Talk about transitions and adjustments. I could go off on a tangent on my view of living together before marriage, but I won’t. It’s society. It has simply changed.

Back to the topic at hand.

Tasha’s bridal shower was fishy themed. Two less fish in the sea to be exact. We made the backdrop from plastic tablecloths. Really easy and a pretty good bang for the buck in terms of decorating. I had originally used the idea for Nolan’s first birthday party but modified it a bit. The directions are here

How cute is that sign? Lexie, Tasha's MOH found that on etsy.

How cute is that sign? Lexie, Tasha’s MOH found that on etsy.


Billy helped set up and tear down, but went off fishing during the event.

















I’m a sucker for cupcakes. Perfectly portioned yumminess. I went ahead and made a ‘wedding dress’ cake. If I didn’t have to transport them, it


It’s not clear, but I learned that morning how to make petals. My wrist was a bit sore…










Instead of a guestbook, we had everyone sign their wishes on the matting of two frames. I love that idea. Whoever came up with that had a sentimental heart.

It was a fun day.


Guestbook via frame matting and the favors


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3, 2 and under.

1) You will have spit up, pee, or wet dirt on you within minutes of changing your own clothes or theirs.

2) They always poop right after getting a bath. Or even better you take them out of the bath and they pee on themselves right before you get a diaper on.

3) Showering alone is a luxury. I always save time by dragging a baby in with me.

4) Manicures are a total waste. I wash dishes all day long. Doing them yourself? As if you can ever sit still long enough to let them dry.

5) I do 12-14 loads of laundry a week. Unflippenbelievable. No seriously. That doesn’t even include Jeremiah’s.

6) I am on autorepeat of these following statements. Get down. Stop. Don’t throw food. Stop putting food in your hair. Stop flipping your cup upside down. Didn’t I just say get down. Don’t touch your sister. Stay away from your sister. Keep your hands to yourself. Don’t push. Close the door. We are NOT cooling the outside, so close that door! Stop throwing toys. Sit. Get out. Your not allowed on there/in there. Come here. I said COME HERE!

7) I now have two kids in that frustrating age where they want something so they tantrum and then when they get it/if they get it, they tantrum because they got it. Nathan cried for 2 hours straight because he wanted to wear his pajama pants as a shirt. It’s not possible. He thinks I’m magical and if I REALLY wanted I could make it happen.

8) They want to eat nothing but carbs. All day. Everyday.

9) One word. WHINING x 3

10) I love their little giggles and laughter, but truthfully I love the sound of them breathing deeply, fast asleep more.  :P


photo-1 photo photo(1)


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Growing some Balls

I was planning on writing a post this week about my good friend Tasha’s bridal shower last week. You know the kind with pictures and pretty things in a blue fishy theme to look at.

But I had a fire lit under me today in Church. You see I work as a therapist in child welfare referred by DCF and some of the things I deal with are hard. As in come home and ponder and ponder and hug my own little babies hard. I live in this microworld of basic survival-  Job, Husband, Kids, Gym, House, Chores. It’s so much and keeps me completely exhausted and busy. I compartmentalize everything to an extreme that I often don’t look around want to look around at the world. I hear about Russia and Ukraine, the Ebola virus ravaging West Africa, what’s happening in Israel and it is all so foreign to my life and my survival.

Here. Now. In. North America.

I was sitting in church after witnessing two young people get baptized, feeling overwhelmed with emotion and energy. And yet, catching my thoughts drift a few minutes later, to a disagreement I had with my husband that morning when I started catching the word ISIS, genocide, christian slaughter. There was a call to prayer for West Africa and for help and healing to occur there. A call to prayer for what was happening in Israel. A call to prayer for the Russia/Ukraine issue. And a call for the christian genocide occurring in Iraq.

Genocide? Religious genocide?

Oh great. Another horrendous thing happening in this world that has nothing to do with me.

But you see the words caught my attention. Change Your words, Change Your Life Someone that used to be very important in my life had told me (almost 10 years ago) how he was just a few Countries away within Africa, eating cereal in grade 4 and watching the news when the genocide was happening in Rwanda. Just the distance between Toronto and New York City or so. It stuck with me. There is something so frightening about that visual. It’s disturbing.

Life goes on he said. Because it has to.

Absolutely it does. And yet, since then, I was caught continually thinking about the disturbing image of a family eating breakfast like normal while people were slaughtered next door.

So I continued on in my day, until I sat down and came across this article trending on facebook. Please read it. (there are some tough images there).  I attempted to wordpress it a few times here but could not get it to work.

My gut wrenched when I saw the picture of a toddler barely Nolan’s age.

This is happening because their Christian?


(This picture was not specifically from the genocide as later released, but this below is)


My heart just hurts seeing this. This is not some quick effective guillotine death. This is beheading to cause pain. To Children. To babies.

So I read on.


“The people who are doing this are called “ISIS” (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). They are a jihadist group that claims religious authority over all Muslims across the world. They are extremists. They are demanding anyone who does not convert to Islam to be killed–hanged, beheaded, raped and murdered. Christians and members of the Yazidi community are being targeted right now in Iraq. Thousands of them have fled to the mountains, with no food or water, with ISIS quickly approaching to slaughter them. But where is the Islamic outcry? Where are those of the Muslim faith bombarding my Facebook feed with fists in the air condemning this behavior? I know not all Muslims are jihadists. I know not all of them believe what ISIS is doing is acceptable. But why aren’t they saying so?


And Christians: is our faith so shallow, and do we have so much fear that we cannot use the tool of social media to bring into light the horrors and monstrosities that are being done to our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ? I will. not. be. silent. 

I don’t care who is conducting these awful killings: Christians, Muslims, Catholics, Pagans…it doesn’t matter. A modern-day holocaust, genocide is happening right under our noses, and we are all turning our eyes because weLiveLeak-dot-com-3bb_1379478168-syria4.jpg.resized don’t want to see it.

President Obama finally came out and said, “These innocent families are faced with a horrible choice…Descend the mountain and be slaughtered, or stay and slowly die of thirst and hunger.” (Source) He approved airstrikes and airdropped aid yesterday, which is at least a start.

isis-iraq-war-crimes.si_I know it’s overwhelming. I’m just as guilty as the next guy of ignoring stories in the past when I should have helped. Honestly, most of time I would think, “What can do?” Friends, there’s a lot you can do.

*Pray – More than anything, our friends on the other side of the world are living in hell right now. The very least we can do for them is pray. And not just a flippant, “help those Iraqis” prayer. A heartfelt, pleading prayer begging God to intervene. Tell your children. Involve them. We have spoken to all of our children about what is going on over on the other side of the world. They are the future. If we don’t teach them now, when will we teach them?

*Give Voice of the Martyrs is currently assisting 2,000 Christians who have fled persecution. Christian Aid is distributing aid to people who are literally “eating leaves to survive.”

*Use your social media – Don’t be scared to use your platform. Whether you have 5 friends or 5,000, you are in a position to inspire others to movement. I was motivated because of a photo. Who knows what your own sharing might do? Today, I changed my profile picture to this image:


It will at least draw attention to what is going on.

It is our responsibility as humans to help those in need. Whether you believe in God or not, whether you are political or not, it is a basic human kindness to stand up for good, and fight evil. This, friends, is evil. 

Go out and make a difference, no matter how small or how big.”

Insert from the linked article above


Please watch the youtube video on that site. It’s all there. The emotion in her voice. Her plea.

One religious group after another.

I will did pray. I will did donate. And I will did use the platforms I have.

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Martin Niemoller

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Aarya’s Birth Story


Aarya is almost 4.5 months old now. It’s a little late if I was trying to recall the day and the emotions and well basically the details.

Your in luck though. Or more like Aarya is in luck b/c this mama made a birth story photo book for that dear girl.

We had an amazing birth photographer grace us for the event. Amanda Haynie Photography. If you live in South West Florida you should look her up. She does great work and loves family and lifestyle. Ours was her first time photographing a home birth and she was amazing! I can’t even begin to sing her praises. I was totally comfortable with her there and barely knew she was even taking pictures.

I highly recommend getting a birth photographer. Getting back those pictures was something else. Beautiful? Certainly. Emotional? Definitely. An unreal sense of feeling powerful? Totally. I felt very much like ‘ I am Woman. Here. Me. Roar’.

Going through them all was raw, humbling, and it touched me.

I even think it touched Jer a bit.

He loved them.

My favorite moment from Aarya’s birth was when i was leaning over the bed, arms outstretched, going ‘ahhhhhhh’, having a contraction. As it started winding down I glanced to my left. I see Nathaniel beside me, arms outstretched, going ‘ahhhhhhh’. :)

What a blessing these children are.

Here is my birth story book. There is commentary in it, so if you wish, you can learn all the nitty gritty details. And DON’T WORRY, its all PG-13. Showing it all off ain’t my scene.


Aarya’s Birth Book

And below is just a sampler of some of Amanda’s amzing work.


Check out our dogs on high alert in the background.


One of my favorites.


It is hard. It is painful. This.Is.Real.


Perfect gift


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A New Year

Has it been a year already? I can’t even begin to explain how many times in the past year I thought to myself I have to start blogging again. However, something that I enjoyed so much had really begun to become a drag and strain.

Can you imagine why I was so tired? Stressed? New job? Sureeee

Well we had another little surprise we found out about at the end of July leading to this gorgeous creation 9 months later.



Quite literally

I. Was. Pregnant. Again.

Is that a fair enough excuse as to my disappearance the last year? Hormonal, tired, morning sickness, carrying another 40 lbs AGAIN, working full time, and the irish twins I already had. Then I had Miss Beautiful Aarya Ann Walter on March 16 (That’s her on her birthday up top), so I got to add the newborn, the postpartum, and now 3 kids for Jer and me to adjust to, plenty of amazing family coming to visit, and then back to work the last month.


I was tired.

We are falling back into a comfortable routine. Ya know, where I don’t feel like the world is going to collapse every 5 hours interjecting that constant feeling of helplessness in the face of the overwhelming amount of needs of others I need to meet.

It’s coming to an end people.

I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

There is hope

Me and Jer? We got this.


So I’m back. I’m aiming to blog once a week.

The kids you ask? Their all grown up and such.

The year just flew by.

Nathaniel is now over 2 years old. Aarya is a healthy 4 month old

Nathaniel is now over 2 years old. Aarya is a healthy 4 month old

And Nolan. Oh my Nolan. He's about 1.5 years old now. He's... he's a handful. A cute handful. I fear his teenage years already.

And Nolan. Oh my Nolan. He’s about 1.5 years old now. He’s… he’s a handful. A cute handful. I fear his teenage years already.

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Oh June, wherever did you go!

IMG_2919What can I say about the last month? Oh lord, has it been a flurry of activity in our house.

The month started with having my dear friend Nicole and her boyfriend Tyrone come visit for a few days from Canada. Can I tell you, she is one of the most low key, down to earth people I know. We don’t talk often and are in very different places in life. She passed the bar last year and is moving up and onwards in her career as a lawyer, while working toward those domesticated goals (yawn) like getting a new place, etc. I totally adore her though and every time we do talk and get to spend time together I feel like we just pick up where we left off. Ok OK! Not quite the same as taking spontaneous trips to Montreal to party for the night or passing out in bed after a night out and spending the morning rehashing all the fun or… don’t we sound like a bunch of lushes. It does still feel like there has been no gap in the friendship and we just pick up, just as close, though with the added maturity of a few years in there and way more interesting topics to discuss then… hmmm what did we talk about back then??? bubbles?


It was a really nice weekend with them. They flew in to see us Friday, and had some fun shooting guns with Jer, Saturday we went to the beach, which Nathan of course loved, and Sunday the boys needed to take it easy and get back on normal naps, so they went themselves on a hike. They left Monday morning for Nicaragua. What a fun stop over. So happy for all she has accomplished, and totally looking forward to seeing all she does in the years to come. Plus, they are so going to make such cute babies together soon :)

2013-06-01 14.39.56The week after that my mom came to visit and it got crazy hectic. Tuesday both boys has their wellness checks and shots (ya ya, I ended up changing my mind on delayed vacs and their both up to date now, though we are still forgoing rotavirus and varicella for now). Wednesday, I had a job interview in my feild. Yep, you read correctly. I’m about to head back into the workforce. An opportunity came up that I simply could not pass up on. We both had reservations as Nolan is still quite young, but following the interview I realized how truly blessed we are. I had no idea I would be able to have such a flexible position without a few more years put in. I was so excited and they offered me the position right at the interview, so I bounced and beamed my way home with a hefty sized Hire package to complete.

View from our hotel room

View from our hotel room

And to add to that, since my mom was here to watch the kiddos, and Nolan’s been sleeping through the night, we had already booked a night at the Naples Beach Club for just the two of us. Oh yes, my husband, Mr. Went To Work 2 hours after I gave birth, actually took a day off work midweek just for me. It was awesome. Gorgeous hotel, loved the king size bed, amazing dinner, then drinks on the beach, drinks at the pool, room service at 11pm, and a morning without babies to take care of, cuddling and regretting all those drinks the night before. Perfect!


Hanging out with grandma while mommy’s away.


Nathan and Nolan had a blast with my mom too. Mom flew back home Friday and I had a romantic french cooking class that evening with my friend Danell. Ha! Sur la table has a great thing going for them with those classes and merchandise.

My first attempt at creme brulee after the class. So good and I was quite proud of it. No torch though, so the broiler had to do.

My first attempt at creme brulee after the class. So good and I was quite proud of it. No torch though, so the broiler had to do.

Then there was Father’s day. Jeremiah went out spearfishing Sunday, which he really wanted to do and hasn’t been able to for quite a long time. Why is it that on days like Mother’s day, women want to do family stuff and be all together, but father’s day comes around and the men are like, “I’m outta here!’ Ha! Next year, I’m gonna check out for my weekend too. Jeremiah did get meatloaf and mashed potatoes Saturday night, which he’d been asking me to make for a while. I’ve never made meatloaf, so I was able to get his grandmother’s recipe and give it a shot. Not bad. Not something I’d ever request but I’m glad he liked it. He got a couple presents ‘from’ the little ones, but I do think his real treat was finally getting back out into the water. We had actually run out fish in the freezer after Nicole was here, so it was needed as well. Glad to have my freezer stocked back up now with deliciousness like snapper and hogfish.

The boys are headed out for some manly time together mowing the lawn. Baby ear muffs are so worth it.

The boys are headed out for some manly time together mowing the lawn. Baby ear muffs are so worth it.

The next few weeks were a flurry of activity. Me, doing the endless background checks, pulling records, getting fingerprint scans, etc etc for work, Patrick, my brother in law, around a lot getting used to taking care of the kids (He was kind enough to agree to be our full/part time childcare), and Jeremiah doing his thing, ya know, the lawn. He got one of those crazy expensive new lawn mowers and seems to be having a lot of fun going out there, making the outside as pretty as can be.

I’ve also still been on the gym thing, working out 3-4x a week and finally went through a plateau. Pheww… it was getting disheartening there for a little bit. 5-8 more pounds and I’ll be back to PreNathan weight. I’m not going to kid myself though, my body has definitely changed since having babies and getting back to that weight won’t be enough with the new way things are proportioned. More strength training for sure.

Jeremiah also decided yesterday he wanted to get back into shape, since its slowed down a little for him at work. Apparently, looking at our old engagement photos and pictures now tells a story :). It’ll be easy for him though. He is way more disciplined and has less of a way to go then me.

IMG_3042I’m tirrred. Nolan has been back to waking up almost everyday around 4am and between his fussing during the day and Nathan’s ‘explorations’, I’m on my toes plenty. I’m also nervous how this will go with me working and still doing all the night wakings (still breastfeeding, though its doubtful even if I wasn’t that Jer would get up and take care of them :P) – not looking forward to it, but I figure its not like I can nap during the day or rest anyway now so it shouldn’t be all that different working. Nathan learned how to turn door handles last week. Its like a whole new world of freedom opened up to him. He’s also starting to really get a handle on using a spoon to feed himself, but inevitably that makes my clean up a lot more cumbersome.

IMG_2944Between me and Jer, I thought he would end up being the stricter parent or more of the disciplinarian. I always thought I’d be the softer one, advocating for the kids. It might change as they get older, but I’m surprised to see my own, take no s***, be consistent to a fault attitude coming through. Nathan got his first spanking this week. You know the right over the knee, whack, whack on the behind type spanking. Its a safety issue now. He learned how to climb onto the couch using the dog as leverage a month ago, since then I’ve used redirection, stating no clearly and into his eyes, continually moving him to the other side of the room, holding him down while I say, ‘No, you can’t go on the couch’, and swatting his hand (he just laughs at me no matter how hard I do) and then this week he learned how to do it himself. This is a big problem. He thinks this is funny. He then walks (dangerous in of itself if he slipped and fell) or crawls on the couch to the end table, proceeds to climb on that and then fling himself back onto the couch. The kid is going to break his neck. Not only does he fling himself off, he flings himself while bracing both his hands behind his back, like headfirst, so he can’t even use his hands to take any impact. I can just see him doing that, underestimating, and ending up headfirst onto the hardwood.  It scares me to no end and I haven’t been able to get him to stop. And for anybody out there that says I just need to keep redirecting and supervise him more, give me a break. I have a 5 month old. I do have to leave the living room sometimes to put him in his crib or change his diaper, or grab a load of laundry, or cook.

It made me sad though to see him upset, but I’d be a lot more sad if he split open his head.

That boy is going to be a handful. It’s the way he heads to open the door to the bonus room, where he is not allowed, I say ‘No’ firmly, and he stops dead in his tracks, then reaches over and starts touching the wall beside the door. He keeps looking at me as he slowly moves his fingers over, inching slowly toward the door handle again, all the while staring straight at me. Talk about testing limits huh? I’m just laughing my head off in the inside.

So that’s Nathan now, being as cute as can be, running around like the energizer bunny.

Nolan is still spitting up like mad, but don’t they just grow and learn so fast at this age. I just love seeing his little personality peaking through all the time. He’s always got this grumpy look on his face that just turns in an instant into huge smiles and laughs in an instant. There is no in between. I think his normal face is just grumpy looking or something. But he is always breaking into huge grins just constantly. His favorite thing is watching his brother. It doesn’t matter whats going on, soon as he sees Nathan, he’s enthralled and never stops from watching what Nathan is doing or getting into. Nathan also loves to roll around his brother’s playmat. He’s always gentle now. I don’t think he’s even come close to hitting, poking, smacking, rolling on, or in anyway doing anything to Nolan for quite a while now. The nice thing about this age difference has been that jealousy is just not a concern.


I just love my boys and am so happy that their so close in age. We can’t wait to see them growing up and experiencing things together.

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Bloggin Hiatus

Its been over a month since I wrote a post. I’ve started a few and I suspect they’ll sit on my dashboard for a bit longer, perhaps never even to see the light of the ‘publish’ button.

I’ve often felt like writing, about life, growth, the kids, marriage, family, but it all felt …much to personal.

Aren’t updates and pictures just so much easier!

I do want to share one anecdote.

When Jeremiah and I were engaged and at his (our) old home, I was leaning by the kitchen counter after dinner when he came over and asked if I was happy. I replied, ‘I am more happy then I’ve ever been in my life’. He replied, “Good. Don’t forget this. This very moment. We’re in this together now. It’s going to get hard at some points. It’ll get rough. You’ll want to quit on me, on us. But when you do, remember this moment. Right now. It is always going to get better. As bad as it gets, remember how good it is right now’

And wouldn’t you know it, I have remembered. He barely remembers the conversation himself.

It struck a chord in me. I gained a lot of respect for him from that insight over the last few years. I do always think back to those words. I do remember just how I felt leaning on the counter that night, looking at him, and wondering at that moment, what could possibly be the correct response to that statement.

Things are so good at home right now.

We are all happy.

And me? I’m happier then I was that day I actually listened and made sure I remembered.

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Rolling over

A little sibling love

A little sibling love

Not a whole lot to say from last week. It was uneventful overall. Nolan had his first haircut a couple weeks ago. Jeremiah is getting some practice in with the clippers. He did a good job. Nolan looks much better in our opinion without the scraggly mop on top of his head.

baby's first hair cut

baby’s first hair cut

Nolan also started rolling over about two weeks ago. He can go from back to front and front to back now and is fast. I find him sleeping on his belly every time I go to get him after a nap or the night. He’s doing well during the night too. He sleeps anywhere from 8pm to until somewhere between 4am and 6:30am every day. Obviously, I’m more a fan of the later wake up, but I can’t complain. That’s pretty darn good for his age. He is still spitting up constantly though. That is the only thing that drives me a little crazy with him. He eats and then just spits up huge mouthfuls of milk or half digested milk for the next hour. It always seems to end up on me no matter where I put the burp cloth. Jeremiah has a habit of sweetly offering me Nolan after he feeds him a bottle. “Honey, do you want to put him down. He looks so cute” Hmmp. How about NO!.  I constantly smell like bad milk as it is. The kid seriously spits up a lot.

Jeremiah even collected his spit up as his ‘signature’ on my mother’s day card.

IMG_2852And yes, that is dried gross spit up beside the arrow for (Cephas).

Confused about the Moses/Cephas thing? Anyone who knows us has gotten used to Jeremiah introducing Nathaniel as Moses and Nolan as Cephas. Those were the names that he wanted to legally call them, but was denied by his wife, me. Seriously, Cephas? and Moses sounds like the name of an old black man to me. It was not happening.

He is stubborn though. The kids respond to it for now.










Nolan has stopped being such a grumpy pants and is smiling a lot more now. He loves to look at his big brother and always breaks into massive grins whenever anyone makes eye contact with him.

Nathan has now graduated from the air mattress on the floor to the actual bed. We pulled the trundle out and now he can easily crawl up and out of bed as he wants. The trundle also means if he were to roll off the bed he’d just hit another mattress. We’ve had no problems thus far. He loves the bottom corner of the double bed and curls up next to all his colourful pillows. We got lucky with such good sleepers. Well as long as their not overtired. It has helped immensely to stick to schedules with both kids.

IMG_2892Of course, once in a while my little bundle of energy tuckers himself out early playing so hard in the superyard aka cage.

IMG_2866They really do look so sweet when their sleeping. You’d never know he’s really a hurricane of messiness.

I also started learning how to ride a dirtbike last week. Jeremiah borrowed it from our neighbors. Now that was an adventure and a lot of fun. The second day I got a bit overconfident and boom, first wipe out. I went over the handlebars and to the side. I thought I was pulling in the clutch to slow down, but pulled the brake instead hard. Ouch! My thigh was bruised up! Now that hurt. The rest were just minor scrapes here and there. I don’t think I’ll be ready for the road anytime soon.

IMG_2789It was an uneventful week I suppose, but with little kids around, there does seem to always be something new happening all the time. They learn and grow so fast.


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Potty training?


He walked away from the water table and peed on the shoe rack, then walked back and continued playing. That’s fairly decisive I’d say!

Nathan is about 14.5 months now and is doing pretty well at waking up from naps dry. I’ve been going back and forth on when to start potty training with him as 1) he’s a little tycoon on the changing table and its a bloody nightmare sometimes 2) grabbing his own poop when changing him makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little bit 3) Nathan seems able to decisively pee at times aka walk to a tree and pee on it like the dog. True Story!! 4) Nolan is getting bigger fast and before I know it he’ll be out of the small/medium cloth diapers and onto the one sized snaps full time and as much as I love cloth diapers and their the cutest things ever on their little behinds I don’t want to buy a whole new set.

I wonder how long it’ll take him to ‘get’ it. I’m sure it will be a bit of a process with Nathan, but we’ll see how it goes. They say if you cloth diaper you can potty train by 18 months as their more aware of it all and feel the wetness. May as well try right? To be honest, I’m not sure if I really want him out of cloth before the end of summer seeing as how that’s all I have them wear these next few months. Folding baby/kid clothes is so much more work then the quick sorting the diapers take. However that will take him to just around that 18 month mark which is perfect. Anyway, just ordered the Planet Potty from amazon and we’ll be starting next week. I haven’t read up on it or anything but was going to play it by ear for now. See how he does sitting on it, and maybe do a few days letting him roam around naked while taking him to the potty every 15-30 min. or so… I’m not doing the food/gummi bear/skittle reward system though. He’s just not old enough to understand that quite yet.

Any tips? Suggestions? Experiences? Anyone remember how they were potty trained?

He's is so grown up already. Having his first lollipop here.

He’s is so grown up already. Having his first lollipop here. This was followed by him chasing me around screaming for my lollipop, hence why I don’t think he’ll understand using sweets as a reward system yet. Not that I want to associate food as a reward either.

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Chasing Shadows

You know what’s awesome about a 14 month old?

They can be amused for a while the day they find their shadow. Nathan found his shadow yesterday and spent quite a bit of time following it around, watching it disappear and reappear as he walked, and trying to grab it. Funny!

This week has seen a lot of movement on our end. Nathan transitioned into the ‘big boy Dr. Seuss’ room two days ago, while Nolan went to the nursery. Nolan had outgrown the bassinet about a week ago, as we found him able to kick and move his way into very awkward, uncomfortable, positions in there. We still wanted to wait until after the baptism and family had headed home before making the transition. We stuck the air mattress on the floor of Nathan’s room and with the amazing black out curtains my mil made, it’s been very easy for him to sleep there and get accustomed to not being in a crib. No fuss at all. The darkness keeps him from exploring or trying to get into closets and the airmattress is solid but not so solid he feels he can walk on it. Very safe. In about a week, we’ll move the air mattress out and get him in the trundle bed under the bunk bed unit and after that? Well we’ll see how it goes. He may try climbing onto the actual bed, but no harm with the trundle right there in case he falls. The next step is barricading the staircase to the top bunk before our little adventurer takes a hankering for exploring. He’s been napping with no issues there for now and when he’s done, I hear a little bang bang on the door. Very cute!

Nolan is on his way to rolling over. You forget how single minded little ones get with new skills. He spends long periods of time swinging his legs around, arching his back, and getting an arm under trying to roll. He’s been close a few times, but not yet. Both Nathan and Nolan rolled over easily around 6 -8 weeks when they were on their belly on the sofa, but that is very different then the controlled roll from back to stomach.

As well as the baptism went, I had a bit of a scare the following few days when I realized my milk supply had taken a major hit. I’d only pumped a *few* times that weekend and nolan had mostly been bottle fed the entire time. I understand everyone wants to feed baby, and I welcomed the break with so much else to do, but next time I’ll certainly be more careful over all. The bottle is just too easy for my little chunky monkey and as greedy as he gets, he just didn’t want to go back to the breast after. Not to mention I could only seem to pump an 1oz from both sides for a day or two. We’ve spent the last few days in a bit of a struggle. By we, I mean me. Nolan was crying, angry, kicking and upset any time I tried breastfeeding him, but guzzled breastmilk from a bottle like a fiend. I’ve been guzzling down water and the mother’s milk tea and trying to either breastfeed or pump every 1-2 hours during the day. I’ll be eating oatmeal everyday for a while now. Anyway, it’s worked. I’m about back to normal now and Nolan has mostly stopped the fight and is nursing like normal. phewwww. Breastfeeding sucks. It’s such a mental worry, especially since no one else but you really do ‘the work’.

The baptism was amazing and it was so so so nice to see so many of our close family and friends. We’ve been very blessed and its amazing to see how loved the boys are.

Photo bomb time!

Nolan in his rare moment when he stops his usual pouting face to smile

Nolan in his rare moments when he stops his usual pouting face to smile

First time using the double stroller! They did so well. (I think i used a stroller with nathan maybe 3x in his life before)

First time using the double stroller! They did so well. (I think i used a stroller with nathan maybe 3x in his life before)

And after 2 hours of errands and shopping. One passed out baby and a sleepy toddler

And after 2 hours of errands and shopping with Nanny Lee. we got one passed out baby and a sleepy toddler

Our trip to the zoo with Simi Aunty. Feeding the giraffes was certainly a highlight.

Our trip to the zoo with Simi Aunty. Feeding the giraffes was certainly a highlight.

Simi Aunty working and playing with a baby. Already multitasking so well.

Simi Aunty working and playing with a baby. Already multitasking so well.

The ducks are all grown up!

The ducks are all grown up

The usual pouty face

The usual pouty face. So cute though. I could kiss him all day long.

Liliana and Nolan hanging out

Liliana and Nolan hanging out. She is such a doll. A feisty doll, but still a doll :)

A 3 month, 7 month, and 14 month old that stayed still for this???!!??

A 3 month, 7 month, and 14 month old that stayed still for this???!!??

I loved the 6-9 month age b/c their not quite mobile but so interactive and cute. Liliana grabbed the napkin and made a hat here.

I loved the 6-9 month age b/c their not quite mobile but so interactive and cute. Liliana grabbed the napkin and made a hat here.

Love this picture! What a bunch of sillies

Love this picture! What a bunch of sillies. I think Jer would do quite well with a little girl ;)

Going to the beach with Sibin Uncle in his new wheels.

Going to the beach with Sibin Uncle in his new wheels.

Nathan was so confused about the sand at first

Nathan was so confused about the sand at first

The call of the water was too much for him. This is him watching the tiny far away parasailing that is Sibin.

The call of the water was too much for him. This is him watching the tiny far away parasailing that is Sibin.

Nolan's first time at the beach

Nolan’s first time at the beach

He ended up sleeping the entire time in the stroller after 5 minute of baby wearing and walking the waves.

He ended up sleeping the entire time in the stroller after 5 minute of baby wearing and walking the waves.

Nathan had a blast! He loved running into the waves and then running back. It was all we could do to keep him from jumping face first past the point he could walk.

Nathan had a blast! He loved running into the waves and then running back. It was all we could do to keep him from jumping face first past the point he could walk.

My little chubby cheeks!

My little chubby cheeks!

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